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Our website was lost in a datacenter fire on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

For details of the fire click here: OVH ticket "fire at SBG site"
Our website was hosted on, a virtual web instance on, a service provided by networks.
The physical machine ( was located in room 72B of SBG2 datacenter.
At 1:47 am (german timezone) the fire alarm begun at SBG2 hosting site.
At 1:56 am the contact to was lost.
A high resolution picture of the destroyed datacenter is available here

This version of our website is a backup of 2019.

100 days uptime

On Saturday, 29th of April 2017 our MTA server reaches 100 days uptime. We remember some times before, there were some issues with a server uptime for mir than 49 days. Also, there were many fixes for memory issues, so the acutal server versions are almost stable :)

Towing (hardcore version)

Laser update at "popo club"

Custom train tracks and zombies:

Create your own world:

Heligrab not only for helis: